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State News

Classic MXWA Present The Inaugural Peter "Reggie" Melton Memorial Event

27th and 28th October 2018-Fern Hill Farm Manjimup-Proudly Sponsored by Midvale Yamaha

  • 11 December 2018
  • Posted By: Linda
  • Number of views: 3602
Classic MXWA Present The Inaugural Peter "Reggie" Melton Memorial Event

The Classic MXWA Inaugural Peter "Reggie" Melton Memorial Weekend will be held on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of October at Fern Hill Farm in Manjimup.  Entries for the PRM Memorial opened today and has been proudly sponsored by Midvale Yamaha and Supported by Motorcycling WA and Fern Hill Farm.

This event is the perfect weekend to wind down after a hectic race season, Reggie was all about FUN and his family-especially his nephews and he never took anything seriously other than his racing, even then not always. Pete didn’t need to-he was a magician on a bike, a natural champion and his temperament was exactly how he rode cool, calm and collected-Mr Consistency.

The weekends "on the gas" with the boyz, having bourbons around a bonfire and live bands were some of his best, especially after the Manjimup 15000. Anything to forget "THAT QUICKSAND", Reggie was pretty serious about the Manji sand; it was about the only thing that annoyed him. Every year, same challenge, same outcome-banging on at the bar afterwards about quitting because of THAT quicksand! He eventually beat the sand, in true Reggie form he kept at, for years, until he conquered it and that was the only time he pulled in with a smile on after a Manji 15000 All Stars Race.

The iconic Manjimup track was definitely not Pete's favourite nor was the event, but the Manji memories made around the bonfire at Dieback Tavern with his mates were as legendary as the racing. The friends he made in WA were the main reason he kept returning to race in “that sand” over decades. Pete was loyal to his family, sponsors and friends and he had a nickname for nearly everyone. Those nicknames have stuck over many years and behind each one is a “ROLF” story, his personality was like his riding-very unique and his laugh was as wicked and out there as he was.

So in line with how Peter Pan loved to live his life, the PRM Memorial event weekend is all about FUN, leave your race face at home because this is a non-comp event, bring your whole family. The amount of ladies that have learnt to ride and build their confidence at Fern Hill Farm has slightly boosted MWAW numbers over the years, the girls love free flowing tracks and no-pressure atmosphere.


After weeks of solid rain the weather cleared enough this weekend to commence on the track works at Fern Hill Farm. Due to changes having to be made to the existing track for inspection the Classic MXWA committee decided to build a new track in an adjacent paddock for the PRM event. Richard Hall President of the Classic MXWA Club commented today "The natural terrain track has been laid out. A fantastic grassy undulating hill that should result in some close action and a great days of riding. The track is ideally suited to all years of bikes and I for one looking forward to having a run in the twin shock class.”

All indicators are that this weekend will be memorable, there will something for everyone including a MWA Mini-X Series and a Midvale Yamaha Enduro/MX Demo Day on separate paddocks adjacent to the Classic MXWA Non-Comp MotoX Event with safety being a priority at all times. To view photos and video of the track progress HERE


On the Classic MXWA track on Sunday will be Classics, VMX, Vets, Women and juniors over the age of 10, this is a non-comp event, more details available on registration.

Get online, register and be there for a great weekend of family fun, riding and reminiscing about the Greats of Motocross that roared up Manji's Rock'n'Roll Hill from the Classic Era.

Classic MXWA Event Register:

$35 ride fee -includes band and camping fees

$35 one day memberships

$30 for one day MA/MWA licence

Saturday Night-Non Competitors-$10 per car entry

Sunday Spectators FREE



The Mini-X will be run on a closed circuit with an accredited coach, MWA's Operations Manager, Mark Gill with parent’s assisting. Mini-X is a great way for juniors to learn new skills and gain confidence without racing!

Mini-X requires a Minimum of 20 registered riders to go ahead so bring your mates and a maximum of 30 so be quick! The Cost is $30 for the day: Mini-X Register Details Here:

To see what Mini X is check out their Facebook Page


Midvale Yamaha’s Demo MX/Enduro Day will be held on the Enduro Loop and yet another separate paddock for MotoX skills training. The Midvale Yamaha Demo Day is for anyone including kids over 10 years old (you can do this and the Classic MXWA event). 

Email Linda to register your Demo Day interest: or call Midvale Yamaha to book your spot.


Bring your own bike, or ride a demo which we will supply on the day. There will be 2 tracks, one flat paddock track for the novice, and an enduro style track for those who would like a challenge, it will be $20 per rider to cover costs and will start at 8.30am - 3.00pm.

Demo bikes on the day will be,
Raptor 90

You are asked to bring a Helmet, goggles, gloves, and boots on the day, if you don't have any, we will have a small arrangement for you to use.


There will be a band on Saturday night, Firehouse 22,  a bonfire that’s been building up since the Manji 15000 in June, FREE camping, toilet facilities and BBQs and at least one catering van at all times, click here to check out their awesome menu!!

As it’s an event in Pete’s honour there will be a coffee and ice-cream van arriving Sunday morning, unfortunately they don’t sell Pete’s style of ice cream servings-4 litre tubs! There is a maze, several cubbies and playground for the little kids and 60 acres of woods for the bigger kids to explore and horses to feed. 

BYO camp chairs, esky and drinks-this is NOT a licensed event. The band will be playing on a truck in tent land-subject to the weather; if it rains we’ll be having a barn dance in the hay shed!



Who was Peter Melton in Andy Wigan's Words (Transmoto)

After winning the Australian Supercross Championship in 1992, ’94 and ’96, the Supercross Masters Series in 1995 and ’96, and the Australian 250cc Motocross Championship in ’96, Peter “Reggie” Melton didn’t have anything left to prove. But in 1999, in his early 30s, the Queenslander got together with long-time Kawasaki dealer, Brett Whale, and had a crack at the Australian 500cc Motocross Championship aboard a fire-breathing KX500. Incredibly, Melton won the Aussie title in both 1999 and 2000; in what would turn out to be the last Australian 500cc MX Championship ever staged.
Sadly, on November 1 last year, Peter “Reggie” Melton lost his life while riding a motocross track in Queensland. No one will ever forget Reggie’s God-given talent on a motorcycle or his illustrious title-winning record, but it was his laidback, knockabout nature and sense of humour that made him so popular among his peers.

Check out Pete's tributes from Legends of our sport:

Tribute Video Clip

THE EVENT: Why and How in WA? 

A few people have commented and asked why in WA? Pete's brother, Jeff who is attending the event, commented today, "WA organised the event to recognise the support Peter gave to their events  and the sport over the decades". The land owner for the event and MWA media officer, Linda Russell explained how the event came to fruition, the purpose and the intended legacy behind it:

This event started out being for the many of Pete's WA friends and supporters who were unable to attend his Celebration of Life, for them to be able to come together with their families and friends honour a true champion, doing everything he loved to do while making it a weekend to remember.

The event is a non for profit event-any donations or surplus funds raised will be put back into developing the Classic MXWA Junior Coaching Program. This will help the clubs events be family focused and assist with the growth of the club and the sport.

As a coach and a mentor of many the growth of motocross through any form of Junior Motocross Development was something Pete was very passionate about. A new track at Fern Hill Farm has been made in the process and will only be used for future Junior Development and Classic/VMX Events. As per every event held at Fern Hill the land is donated to the WA clubs and coaches to help grow the future of the sport.

Only a handful of Pete's friends from WA were able to make the trip across to Queensland for Pete's funeral, we were all a bit shell shocked at the time and those few days still feel very surreal. The after party was just as Pete would have wanted a reunion of so many friends, just like back in the day and as the stories, beers and tears flowed it was clear many of those characters in the stories were back in WA. So the PRM Memorial idea was formed, ironically between Paul Broomfield’s sister, Jo and I, just as it did with Broomy's Memorial.  The PRM Memorial idea grew as it ping ponged between the Classic legends and friends during the night and like most late night ideas, reality hits the next day.  Without the rose coloured glasses the realisation that any hope of a PRM Memorial race event at Fern Hill Farm was probably only a pipedream.

On returning to WA I mentioned the idea to Paul and Nat Copley, previously from Classic MXWA, Paul unbeknown to me took the idea to the club. A few months later at the Motorcycling WA AGM the clubs president, Richard Hall along with Paul, told me that the club committee had allocated an event at Fern Hill Farm for 2018 which I was thrilled about, he then told me it was going to be the “Peter Melton Memorial”. I think they expected hugs but not the tears of gratitude in response, the same grateful tears I got in response when I asked Pete's family for permission to hold an event in his honour.

 Some of the hardworking volunteers that continue to bring new events to Classic MXWA 

Over the past 6 months each of us involved has hit a few hiccups along the way so we decided that the inaugural event would be low key this year and let it gain momentum over the years.

This year is coming together better than anticipated with the separate Classic MXWA event, Mini-X and Midvale Yamaha Demo Day events all complimenting each other and having something for the whole family. The bonfire and live band the night before will be a great ice breaker, especially for newbies to the sport. The Iconic Manjimup MCC, 5kms away, is hosting a club run on the Saturday and has reduced memberships to $30 so there's an affordable 2 Day riding opportunity as well.

Also by including and promoting other local sporting and community groups, tourism attractions and local produce will bring a South Western feel to the weekend and also encourage a few of the locals to either have a go, watch their kids to have a go or even just come and spectate.

A brand new track was designed for this event and the Classic MXWA crew laid out the groundwork today-free flowing, grassy, loamy, lots of corners, turns and long straights. I had a lot of incident-free fun trying the track out this afternoon albeit nearly face planting a pile of horse dung!

Visiting MX Legends-Bunbury Supercross 1980's 


This will be a great fun family weekend. Partners and kids have the opportunity to either ride or take in the many attractions around the picturesque South West, there is a winery across the road, tastings and tours can be organised for those who aren't riding. If you want to know what available in the area click on these links: and a trip down Channybearup Road to Beedilup Falls and coming back through Pemberton is recommended after this year’s rainfall, there are wineries, art galleries, trees to climb and BerrySweet Strawberries along the way, there will be maps available at the farm.

Saturday Night-Non Competitors-$10 per car entry

Sunday Spectators FREE



Mark your calendar, prep the bike, grab your camping gear and pack your dancing boots. This event in on!!!! .

The Fern Hill Farm link:

Firehouse 22 link:


Media Contact:
Motorcycling Western Australia
Linda Russell
Media Officer
p:0419 928 440


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