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State News

Make Smoking History Pinjar Park Motorcycle Speedway Club of WA

The Home Of Australia's Newest Speedway Circuit-Club of the Week

  • 11 December 2018
  • Posted By: Linda
  • Number of views: 4600
Make Smoking History Pinjar Park Motorcycle Speedway Club of WA

Western Australia's new senior speedway track is looking pretty impressive and like it will be hosting some seriously spectacular solo and sidecar racing in the very near future.The senior venue has had a massive amount of work completed already and with the season opening night looming there is still an overwhelming amount of work to be completed. However the newly formed committee are positive that it will be "All good on the night", to the point the odd practise sessions have been happening after busy bee's.

The Speedway Motorcycle Club WA Inc. remains the only specialist Club in Western Australia to promote and provide Motorcycle Speedway to riders and spectators at its complex at Pinjar Motorcycle Park, Pederick Road, Neerabup.

For the first time since Bibra Lake was closed the club will be able to provide a senior venue for 500cc and Sidecar State Titles as well as open events including the Jeff Gittus Sidecar Memorial. The current 142m track continues to provide an excellent venue for 125cc/250cc Junior State titles as well as the Rob Woffinden Classic and is widely known for sustaining senior racing until a suitable venue was constructed.

The new track offers grounds that are in excellent condition and caters for spectators regardless of age or disability to view the sport and use facilities. Volunteers provide canteen and bar refreshments in purpose built areas as well as providing an excellent racing program, commentary, pre-racing prior to a 7pm start and a well-planned race meeting. The Club has a focus upon local riders but promotes and assists visiting riders to the venue as necessary.

This season the SMCWA are linking in with Kalgoorlie Speedway and Motorplex to further promote the sport and attract new riders and spectators to the Pinjar Park Complex at Neerabup. Additionally, the club is undergoing rebranding with merchandise as the completion of the senior track nears completion and there still remains panels for advertising on the air fence for those wishing to support the Club!

For several years the club has provided amateur video footage of races and uploaded to YouTube and last year live streamed several premium events that reached national and overseas spectators further cementing their role as the ‘Keepers of Speedway in WA’.

Andy Heeps and Frank Killeen along with a steadily growing group of volunteers have dedicated nearly every weekend for the past 6 months to getting the track ready for the start of the 2018/19 season.

Andy gave us an update today  "With the season fast approaching all hands will be needed to have everything ready,there is a vast array of jobs so anyone can come down and get involved.there is jobs for everyone even the kids can come down and do some tasks at the little track.With cabling getting close to being completed the lights will be going up.
The Spectator areas are being finished off and there will be safety fencing to install. Some finishing touches to the ablution block will see the changes complete and things are starting to get exciting. Works are happening every Saturday and Sunday plus there is also people at the track during the weekdays you just need to ring and confirm Andy 0433300841
Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated by the SMCWA 
We're a little club doing big things moving forward and progressing our great sport of Speedway Motorcycling"

Newly appointed Club President, Marshall McDiarmid is also part of the regular weekend work crew and is very proud of the committee and group of hard working volunteers. He commented today, "Saying the season ahead is Looking like being a huge summer of bike speedway would be an understatement. With the  members putting in the hard yards over the offseason and the new Big track taking shape we’ve had massive interest worldwide. One of the biggest names in World Speedway has put himself down to ride at the January 5th State titles which promises an abundance of World class racing. Our riders are gearing up with new machinery and from what I’ve seen the bar has been raised once again with the level of presentation. 
The SMCWA has been instrumental in the bikes getting to Kalgoorlie and the Motorplex as its about the growth of our sport and investing in the future moving forward. Just a small club achieving Big dreams".


Speedway Club of WA History

Pinjar Park Speedway was founded in 2004 after the closure of Bibra Lake Speedway. This meant that there was no longer a track for junior speedway motorcycles in WA.

A small group of parents and volunteers gave up their weekends to start building the new track from the ground up in dense bush land just north of Wanneroo. The focus was on building the junior track first and slowly developing the infrastructure around it including a new senior track next door. This decision meant that the kids could get back to riding as soon as possible. One of these junior riders was multiple world champion and current Grand Prix rider Tai Woffinden. Tai's late father, Rob Woffinden, was one of the founding members and was instrumental in the design and construction of the junior track where Tai learned his craft.

The small 142-meter track is unique in that it caters for both junior and senior racing. It is both the largest junior track and the smallest senior track in the country. The venue has hosted many world class events including the Rob Woffinden classic which attracts a host of international riders each year and thousands of spectators pack into the venue to watch the action packed racing up and close like nothing else in the country. There is great bar and canteen facilities as well as ample terraced seating for the whole family to get the best view on the planet.


What is the future for the park?

The new Senior stadium has been in the construction phase for many years with members volunteering their time and money to help build the new venue from the ground up just as the junior track was back in 2004. The new stadium will be a world-class venue that will attract some of the best riders from all over the world. The larger 330m circuit is finally starting to take shape and the first few practice sessions have been run with great feedback from the participating riders. The club is hoping to run a few big race meetings on the new track in the upcoming season if all the required infrastructure is complete.

Who races at Pinjar Park?

The categories racing at the current circuit include:

Peewees and Junior Stock bikes - aged between 4 and 9 years

Junior 125 solos - aged between 7 and 16 years

Junior 250 solos - aged between 13 and 16 years

Junior 250 sidecars - aged between 9 and 16 years

Senior 500cc Solo - 16 years and over

Senior 1000cc Sidecars - 16 years and over


The racing season is typically run from November to April with race meetings 2-3 weeks apart as well as come-and-try days run through-out the season. These come and try days are a great opportunity for kids and adults alike to realize their dream of riding a speedway bike on a real track. Kids can also bring their own motocross/peewee bikes to these events and try out the track before committing to a speedway bike. Information about these events will be available through the racing season.

Pinjar Park is run entirely by volunteers. The club needs many hands to chip in and get this great new venue up and running.

The Speedway Club of WA would like to thank the following with all aspects of the construction and maintenance: Limestone WA, Red Sands, Aquatrans, Wormall Civil, Great Eastern Freightliners, John and Andy Heeps, Scott Charsley, Jeff Bishop, Horrie Payne, Mark Bodle, John Ballantyne, Warwick Hemy, Peter Muller, Charlie and Grant .

Click on the link below for the new facebook page for updated track works.

Anybody who wants to help out can get in touch with the club and attend one of the working days that happen most weekends throughout the year

Pinjar Track Works Page HERE

Make Smoking History Pinjar Park Speedway Facebook HERE



Thanks to Debbie Scoble, Andy Heeps, Marshall Mcdiarmid, Drew Winchester, Igni Arage for their input at such short notice and their continual updates and hard work to get massice project up and running.

Motorcycling WA's Media Officer-Linda Russell




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