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WA Enduro Riders Prepare for Australian 4 Day Enduro

  • 20 March 2018
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WA Enduro Riders Prepare for Australian 4 Day Enduro
More than 20 of WA’s Enduro riders are busy training and preparing to head east to the Australian 4 Day Enduro Championship in Cessnock, NSW. The 2018 Yamaha Australian 4 Day Enduro (A4DE) being held from April 3-7, is set to be one of the most prestigious and highly contested Enduro events in years. 

This year will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the running of the event, which sold out early with more than 350 entries. This year there is also a Vintage class with 50 entries from all over Australia, including some of these riders heading back to where they competed 40 years ago. 
Western Australia is very pleased to announce that 21 riders and 20 plus helpers from our state are making the trek east for this event. Some riders and their support crews will be making the long haul driving across the Nullarbor with Team WA also sending a sea container of bikes and race gear. 

Transport logistics are supported by Triton Transport Services.  Some of WA's top Enduro riders will be competing as part of the 17 bike contingent of Team WA and the 5 independent rider group with a number of these riders competing in their 1st A4DE. 
Motorcycling Western Australia have three Trophy Teams as part of the Team WA group.
Senior Trophy Team: Nathaniel Beattie, Lachlan Carter, Nick Jeggo, Joel Rebello, Trent Sykes and Cameron Vanstan.  
Junior Trophy Team: Brock Buckingham, Nathan Howe, Jamie Makin and Max Vlasich. 
Women's Trophy Team: Avril Gill and Katherine Kingsley.  

Team WA also have a number of other riders competing in the Masters and Vets classes, Duane Deegenaars, Tony Parker, Michael Jongen and Angel Uruchima.  Don McGrath and Alan Makin are riding the Vintage Class on pre EVO 86 Husqvarna’s. Other WA riders heading east are Leon Clare, Tobi Elt, Ian Morris, Jamie McKenna and Darren Smith.
Riders will complete up to 160km each day for 3 days including some 8 special tests and the final moto on day 4. Riders only get a 15 minute work period at the end of their day to work on their bike and change tyres in their allocated pit area. 
They must complete all work on their bike independently with no outside assistance other than to hand them tools or offer advice. Riders must then put their bikes into overnight parce ferme by an allocated time or risk time penalties. 

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